What is ebill – Promo Video

This promo video is the evidence that world is moving towards SaaS. SaaS is the new way of distributing software in which companies make it available over the Internet. This video is one of the finest SaaS promotional videos.

Voice over script for What is Ebill ? – Promo Video

This is bill and this is Ebill.

Ebill makes your life simple because that’s how it is alot things should be. We’re introducing a new and exciting 360 degree view on all your individual bills instead of receiving a PDF you will now get a URL and all of your bills for all your individual accounts, now come in one email.

The total of all your bills will be displayed at the top of the email with an option to download each bill individually simple, fast and convenient.

Click your bill to get a detailed description of each individual bill or click to pay now to go through a super fast and safe quick pay page.

You can also view your previous balances and amounts due without opening the email. Saving you any hassle or you can find your nearest branch or chat to customer support staff member live to help you in any concern.

Simple, smart E-billing, just another way we’re working to make your life easier and the world to a greener place.

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