Unlock the value of Twitter for your business

Voice Over Script for Unlock the value of Twitter for your business

Twitter, you’ve heard about it, you read about it even seen it on TV. What is Twitter?

Well, Twitter’s a place where more than 240 million people all over the world gathered talk about everything that interest them like local news, world leaders, brands, and businesses like yours. And the heart of Twitter are short messages called tweets and anyone on Twitter can send out a tweet whether it’s a short message about a sale and the picture of a new product or a helpful tip.

These tweets allow your business to directly interact with people who are interested in your product or service. People who choose to see your tweets are also known as followers.

Why do followers matter?

When someone follows you on twitter, you can interact with them over time. In fact majority of your followers see your tweet at least once a day and they also take actions that benefit your business. For example 64% of customers who have a positive experience with your business, share this with their followers, 70% spread your tweets to their network using a retweet and 72 percent or more likely to consider purchase from you in the future.

Now multiply these benefits by the total number of followers then consider Twitter’s 240 million monthly active users in the followers you can attract in the future. That’s the real value, you can unlock.

So, visit twitter.com and unlock the value or followers by signing up for Twitter, today.

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