Product Order Fulfillment Website Animated Promo Video

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Voice Over Script for Product Order Fulfillment Website Animated Promo Video

This is Thomas, Thomas runs a ski shop that sells branded skis, snowboards and business is okay. Thomas is always looking for ways to increase sales and get more customers into his shop but year after year he sees more and more his sales getting lost to the Internet.

Then one of the brands, he carries in his shop told him about Shopatron. It’s free to sign up with no monthly fees and Thomas will get paid to fulfill orders placed on Shopatron’s website as well as the web sites many other brands already sells in his shop. Here’s how it works.

Thomas takes a few moments to sign up for his free Shopatron account, he chooses to watch the brands it carries in his shop when order is placed for one of those brands Thomas notified of the sale. He requests order so he can fill from his store inventory and the orders closest to his store are assigned to him.

He can ship the products right to the customer or in store pickup, the customer will come directly into Thomas’s ski shop to pick up the order where they make additional purchases 40% of the time.

Shopatron sense Thomas guarantee payments directly to his bank account, twice a month. For less than 15 minutes a day spent on Shopatron, Thomas can get incremental sales.

He is moving more inventories and is bringing new customers into a store and on top of it; Thomas gets reports that show him what selling locally and nationally for the brands he carries and attempt to make better buying decisions.

Thomas is so thrilled that he shares the news with his friend Marry who owns an art store, she contacted Shopatron and it turns out many other brands she carries with Shopatron to.

In fact over 1,000 brands across forty industries use Shopatron to share online orders with their retailers.

Want to improve your business like Thomas and Mary, sign up for Shopatron.

Generate more sales and find new customers.

Visit /sign up and set up your for premier partner account today.

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