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The world around us is constantly changing.

Mobile, social, big data and other technologies are rapidly transforming our world.

Business leaders need modern technology to help them innovate, stay nimble and quickly capitalize on opportunities.

But big chunks of IT resources are only keeping the lights on earmarked for running legacy systems. The CIO’s to do list is getting longer as budgets get smaller and everyone is expected to do more with less.

What if there was a way for IT to help business leaders get the technology they need by redirecting budget.

A new way of funding high priority initiatives by redirecting budget from areas that deliver less value.

For example, by redirecting budget from software maintenance from systems that no longer meet business needs or shelf-wear that has never been fully implemented. Oracle wants to help you modernize your business.

We’re offering a new program called customer to cloud.

Customer to cloud removes barriers to cloud adoption by helping you reallocate resources. Customer to Cloud allows you to redirect software maintenance fees to what subscriptions for CX, ERP, EPM or HCM cloud solutions.

For example, a company that licensed 300 users for Siebel contracts but never implemented can apply those maintenance fees to any solution within CX Cloud.

For example, getting modern marketing automation that the CMO really wants. Or if the HR department needs a global solution to help it attract a modern workforce. well, it can redirect PeopleSoft maintenance spend on unused seats to an Oracle HCM Cloud subscription.

Customer to Cloud is a better way to get more value from the budget you’ve already committed.

It can give business leaders what they want and need to be successful without the need to seek approval for new budget.

To learn more about Customer to cloud, including terms and conditions, visit Or contact your Oracle Applications sales rep.

Oracle Customer to Cloud: removing barriers to cloud adoption.

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