Flipboard Explainer Video


Voice Over Script For Flipboard Explainer Video

This is my iPad and this is my Flipboard.

Your Flipboard is your personal magazine. It always has contact you care about and know you care about because it knows who your friends are.

This is all stuff my twitter friends are linking to, articles and images they think they should save. Your flipboard connects your social networks and gathers all the good stuff your friends are sharing, any type of content your friends can share, articles images photo albums and video. They all come to you and you can always hand-picked from the flipboards on collections from some of the most interesting sources on the web.

I know I can always find something good and flipped act or instance and your Flipboard updates when your friends there. See, you’re never at a loss for something to look at I’m and because your Flipboard is already connected to your social networks you can share and reply from right there within app. Or your friends do the work of sharing the good stuff your Flipboard collects all in one incredible place.

See, always have more good stuff waiting next time you open it.

It’s your magazine it’s your Flipboard, the stuff you care about all in one place.

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