Litmus Email Previews Demo Video


Voice Over Script for Litmus Email Previews Demo Video

You might be a Ninja when it comes to designing great-looking email campaigns.

Hang on. There are tons of email client, browsers and operating systems out there, not to mention mobile devices.

Helping you to be sure that email will still look snappy when everyone on your list opens it. The best email super ninja just don’t swap that stuff. They just use litmus email previews. We run your email through every major desktop web mail and mobile client. So you can see precisely with the folks on the list will see and make sure it look awesome for them.

Check the layout colors, fonts, subjects line and more. You can even check to see if your email is getting through spam filters.

Simply send us your email or upload HTML if you prefer. Within minutes, you get dozens of actual screenshots. If it looks good on all platforms fire away, if not make changes in retest with one click or use our interactive testing and debugging tool to preview changes in actual email clients.

Email for the masses should not be mess.

Before you hit send, show your list some love with Litmus email preview.

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