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Voice Over Script for Cambridge Business Lounge Animated Video

This is Tony, a marketing professional who having work for other companies has decided to set up his own as a freelancer. He now works from his spare room which is converted into an office. However despite his drive and enthusiasm to succeed, he misses the interaction of other professionals and those water cooler moments that used to inspire.

This is Michelle, a business coach who spends most of time out and about in client meetings and delivering workshops. Once a week, she works from home to catch up in to all input from admin but find herself victim of constant distractions even temptation of television.

Finally, meet Alex, he does not suffer any of these issues. As he works for large technology firm in London but he needs life now changed, he liked to work at least one day a week from home. However he does not have spare room work from and his kitchen table is just not easy conducive.

Through networking group, search engines and recommendations, they all come across concept of co-working at Cambridge Business Lounge.

Most importantly for Tony, Michelle and Alex, his productivity and growing their businesses and co-working provides that and so much more in addition to having their own desk to work from a spacious environment. There is also a fiber optic high speed wifi, great coffee and chances to be part of expending business community. A community that brings wide ranging collection of industries and experiences, allowing startups to share ideas and knowledge with freelancers. When freelancers compounds ideas of corporate refugees. And Tony, Michelle and Alex can be most productive and have their inspiring watercooler moment too.

They will also have excess to other services usually only available to larger companies such as meeting room space, a virtual receptionist and administrative support.

Co-working spaces also provide a number of workshops and networking events to truly provide interaction, knowledge and growth support that businesses need.

So come and experience co-working for yourself and be a part of new business community aimed at helping you to achieve your business goals.

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