Capitalize on Big Data in the Financial Services Industry


Voice Over Script for Capitalize on Big Data in the Financial Services Industry

Banking and insurance firms are used to generating and analyzing huge amount of customer data. They provide insights for marketing campaigns, customer service, fraud prevention, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

Mobile and social computing that an entirely new big data dimension. Consumer adoption on digital platform increases the velocity, variety and volume of big data.

This creates great marketing opportunities and improves customer experiences. They are personalized, relevant and responsive.

However the large variety of big data makes it difficult to harness insight as it often gets sign load and furthermore may not be secured.

Imagine a big data platform that combines new data management technology like Hadoop, NoSQL with your existing enterprise data infrastructure.

Imagine if you could leverage the SQL skills already have to bring this new data easily in to enterprise, make it accessible to all analysts and applications and secured your existing policies and tools.

Business user don’t care where the data comes from, they just want customer insights derived from big data on engagement, retention and performance.

To discover and describe next best marketing offers planes to approve or service to provide in real time.

Oracle’s big data platform, integrate new data with your existing enterprise data.

It will breakdown in turn of silence and unlock valuable customer insight that rev up innovation.

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