What Is Marketing Analytics-Explainer Video

Voice Over Script for What Is Marketing Analytics?

Ever wonder how your marketing programs are really performing?

Are they working together to build a solid customer base?

Are some attracting more customers than others?

Marketing analytics gives you a focused view of your marketing campaigns and big picture for your overall marketing strategy.

The ability to accurately report on the past, analyze the present, and predict the future is invaluable.

Your point of view may only as good as your data, especially if it’s sitting in individual channels.

How do you marry business growth, technology, and a dizzying number of data sources to get an accurate assessment?

Only an integrated marketing analytics platform can help you make decisions with one stop shopping, to get all the information you need.

Three steps create this optimal view.

First, consider using a variety of analytic techniques.

You will gain the assurance that all your bases are covered.

No individual customer engagement channels go unchecked.

Next, use deeper analysis to discover gaps in your marketing.

Learn what channels provide the broadcast reach, and the least.

With one clear picture, you can identify the gaps and fill them in over time.

Finally, act on what you learn.

Test, retest, and learn.

Marketing analytics helps you improve your customer marketing strategy and performance.

Real success in a marketing analytics strategy takes top-down support, the right talent to dig deep into your data, and the right software to help you predict your next move.

Get the big picture view of your customer marketing portfolio now.

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