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Voice Over Script for WebEngage Explainer Video

Wish you can create happy customers like this. Now you can with WebEngage, just like me, hey I am the marketing director at jewelry for you.

We were spending a ton of effort marketing budget getting more users to our website mobile app. But the sales numbers were growing in tandem and it was hard to even figure out why.

Here however WegEngage helped us. When seemingly interested users were not buying instead about to leave our website, we started asking a few simple questions including a little more context.

Suddenly, we don’t just know why users were not buying but actually had a targetable audience too. We can push offers to, not spray and pray. Instead we are pushing offers to the right users at the right time. For example, I created a statement of all users who did not purchase, they found the price too high and I pushed a personal offer notification to their phones when they were in the vicinity of a popular jewelry stores as simple that we now understand our users better and as a result can engage them better across devices all from a single platform that means less effort better conversion and more growth.

Create happy, create engagement with WebEngage.

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