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Voice Over Script for Oracle Big Data Integration

Today, data advanced harnessing, storing and analyzing data like we used to does not work because of the complexity and scale of big data. Hadoop no sequels have introduced complexities of speed programming technologies and skills.

Traditional data warehouse and business analytics technologies have to integrate with these data source to provide complete and relevant data for decision making.

Data scientists and big data program are also looking beyond complex custom code to streamline development. They are looking for scalable technologies that bring enterprise capabilities to beat data integration.

Data reservoirs are replacing data warehouses. Customers are looking to build and integrate data in to the business decision for which they need to simplify access clean and enrich data recently.

Imagine a technology that can seamlessly operate on the various emerging big data standards and tools that can work to ensure lighting fast streaming of big data combined with state of the art data processing data architecture.

Oracle data big integration solves all these problems. Oracle Golden Gate for big data in just data in the data reservoir as the data is created.

Oracle data integration for big data simplifies data movement from and to do in traditional data sources. Intuitive decoupled interfaces help business users build data flows and tech savvy users customize implementation independent of each other.

Oracle big data preparation cloud service is a powerful yet intuitive interactive tool which simplifies and minimizes data preparation time in an effort to quickly unlock the potential of your big data.

All the data gathered, enriched and analyzed are transparently governed by Oracle’s metadata management tool across the entire heterogeneous analytics and data platforms. Oracle big data integration brings critical capabilities to ingest, store, process, enrich and govern big data so that your businesses can have access to fresh complete data for decision making.

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