HeyBubble Animated Explainer Video


Voice Over Script for HeyBubble Animated Explainer Video

Okay, people shop online because they have tons of options.


So, when potential customer has a question then they can’t wait too long for an answer.


Forget picking up a phone, searching through FAQ and email support. Most people click the dreaded back button and move on.

Responsive communication is essential keeping visitor on your website, improving customer’s satisfaction and increase in sales.

Well, with HeyBubble your visitors can chat with you in real time. It’s easy to use, snap to install and does not require any downloads or updates. All you need is web browser.

You can check using our technology or choose from one in your existing instant messaging systems.

Hey its even works on your mobile device when you are on the go.

And we provide detailed analytics and stats.

You can track visitor behavior and offer assistance at just right time.


Try for free today and increase your sell and beat you competitors.

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