Let’s Make Energy Efficiency Our First Fuel


Voice Over Script for Let’s Make Energy Efficiency Our First Fuel

There is no way around, we need fuel. We’ve always needed it.

In today’s, it powers almost every aspect of our lives. But fuel comes at a cost that cost is rising.

Are we solving this problem?

Are we developing alternative fuel sources?

Most valuable work but there is one fuel, we don’t talk about enough.

It costs less than other fuels and it’s clean.

Its energy efficiency but wait energy efficiency, that’s not a fuel.

Look at it this way, this is where Nova Scotia’s electricity came from five years ago.

Today energy efficiency has reduced our annual need by almost 7 percent, enough energy to power nearly 78000 homes.

Energy efficiency is actually competing with other fuels and electricity. The more energy efficiency we generate, the less coal we need.

With no missions and power plants energy efficiency really is our greenest fuel and it only cost three cents per kilowatt hour saved. Persist 12 cent to use that same amount. So it’s also our cheapest fuel by far.

What’s more? Energy efficiency fuels our economy, creating jobs, spreading innovation and positioning Nova Scotia as an industry leader.

So well we keep searching for better fuels.

Let’s not forget at the real breakthrough in energy is using less.

We can all meet better energy choices.

Let’s make energy efficiency our first fuel.

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