Google Photos in the World of Zootopia


Voice Over Script for Google Photos in the World of Zootopia

Listen we all love our phones.

Every day, we use our phones for this, like, all the time.

We take photos at every place, every event, and with every friend we know.

You don’t want lose those moments, but hey, things happen.

Phone break, or get dropped in the.

Yeah, but it might be worse!

Good thing there is Zoogle photos.

Your memories are automatically backed up, always organized, and completely searchable.

Wait, is that all your family?

Oh Bunnies.

We are good at multiplying.

So no matter where you are, You can view photos any time.

Well, almost anytime.

Zoogle photos if you live in Zootopia.

But if you live anywhere else, there is Google Photos.

Disney’s “Zootopia” in theaters March4.

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