Google Goggles Demo Video


Voice Over Script for Google Goggles Demo Video

Hi I am Hartmut. I am an engineer at Google.

Hi I am Shailesh – product manager at Google. We are here to introduce Google Goggles; a visual search application for android phones.

Until now, the only option for web search has been typing or speaking.

Now you can search by taking a photo.

Let’s try this book.

Just open Google Goggles. Fill as much of the screen as possible with the object and take a picture.

You will see the exact book match in the search results, without typing or saying a word.

Another good use is on a business card.

Let’s try mine.

Frame the text you are interested in well.

Google goggles will recognize the text and return a result.

Now I can click to call Shailesh or add him to my contacts.

Let’s go out and check what else Google Goggles can do.

We can figure out the title and artist of this painting.

Or landmark information.

And when you are travelling places where you don’t know the language, Goggles can translate text for you. Just take a picture, for example, of a menu.

Visual search technology is still in its early stages. It works on the things like we saw today. But it doesn’t work well yet on things like food, cars, plants, or animals.

As this technology advances, we will be able to do more cool things like suggestion a move in a chess game or talking a picture of a leaf to identify the plant.

You might be wondering what happens to all these pictures you are taking. You can choose to discard them as soon as the search is done or save them to your search history to view them at any time.

It’s available for android powered phones now.

To download, go to the android market and search for Google Goggles.

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