Wireless Key Finder and Wallet Tracker App Promo Video


Voice Over Script for Wireless Key Finder and Wallet Tracker App Promo Video

This is Tile. Tile helps you find things, anything. Stick it to your laptop and worry less.

Attach it to your keys and never be late.

Drop it in your purse and you are good to go.

It works very simply. Finding things with Tile is easy.

Through the Tile app on your phone, you can track distance to your lost item.

The app shows you as you get closer.

Tile has other features too.

You can login in to your Tile account on anyone smartphone to search for items.

Tile has a tiny speaker that rings loudly; you can find it in seconds.

Works other way around too, your keys now can help find your phone.

Simply double press the button on your Tile make your phone ring even on trial.

Tile is the simplest way to find your phone, keys or anything else that matter to you.

Tile is affordable and it’s tiny.

If your bike is missing, you can mark it as a lost item. This will put all other Tile app on the lookout for your Tile. If any tile user get within range of your bike, their phones will secretly and securely communicate with tile system. And you will be sent a notification of your bike where about.

Let Tile find small things, so you can find the big ones.

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