How to Use OutReach GPS Explainer Video


Voice Over Script for How to Use OutReach GPS Explainer Video

Hey! You love your new vehicle. Right now, you are looking forward to nothing but fun with your new ride but bad things can happen to spoil that fun.

You lock your keys in the car, your loved one has an accident or your vehicle gets stolen. So does not make sense to protect yourself and your new baby, you can with OutReach gps.

Just by installing OutReach, you have whole suite of safety and convenience features working for you.

Remote door unlock means, you will never need to double check to make sure you lock the door or call a locksmith.

Live GPS tracking, see you when the kids are in when they borrow the car.
Instant safety alerts, see your emergency contacts know immediately if there is an accident.

The panic button and theft recovery, alerting you to an emergency, telling you where your vehicle is and allow you to disable it remotely if it’s stolen.

Giving you peace of mind and saving big time on insurance costs. Stay safely connected everywhere. Nothing’s more important.

Ask your dealer to install OutReach EPS on your car today.

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