Next Trucking Explainer Video


Voice Over Script for Next Trucking Explainer Video

The shipping industry has a problem, lack of transparency and outdated is creating a shortage carriers.

Take George for instance, he is trucker looking for work. Unfortunately he has to wait for a broker to call him before he gets a job and the offer is usually involved in inconvenient routes or small pay.

There is a better way, introducing the next, the online marketplace and mobile app. George simply posts his requirements like specific routes and rates per mile on the next app and he waits for the right job to come.

The next marketplace makes the process easy. A shipper simply posts their tender and get match with carriers like George who are close by and whose requirements meet the shippers offer. If the shippers choose George then he gets notified on the Next mobile app to pick up the phrase.

Shipper can track the delivery in real time and once received; George gets paid and get your review. George can even opt for quick pay to get his money faster. No paper work necessary, everything is handled by Next online and mobile solutions.

George is happy, shippers are happy and less truck on the road with empty trailers makes us all happy.

If you are a trucker or shipper then the choice is simple. The next move is yours. Take a test drive today.

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