Oracle Integrated Cloud Promo Video


Voice Over Script for Oracle Integrated Cloud Promo Video

We are designing your new campus. We took a look at how your business ranks and those findings have informed designed to see. The first thing, you will notice that marketing, sales, service, finance and HR all operate independently isolated from one another. We used three foot thick concrete to ensure these barriers to prohibit the sharing of ideas, insure from unnecessary interactions. So each department even has its own cafeteria.

Structurally we have to forego foundations and spend more on Portuguese marble and Japanese-style.
Sure it’s unconventional but you can always add foundation, later. But it’s easier to start over when we rebuild in a few years.

Any question?

We are…we are rebuilding in a few years?

Oh yes!

You never build your business in this way. Why architect your cloud this way? Now there is one cloud with applications, platform and infrastructure engineer to work together, the way your business should.

The integrated cloud from Oracle.

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