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Voice Over Script for GigTown Live Music Booking

Booking a gig is always a complex and time consuming task. You have to find a band you like that is within your price range and available for the day of your event.

Not to mention hidden charges and extra fees that makes the cost of the gig skyrocket. But does it really have to be this way?

What if I told you that there is a place filled with music, where booking a local band for your event is so easy, they could take seconds, not months.

A place where you can use your smartphone to discover talented musicians that fit your budget and style even for an event happening for the same day.

The good news is, this amazing place really exist, right in your own hometown.

Welcome to GigTown.

GigTown is the first mobile app and platform that allows you to discover and book local musicians in just seconds.

Down load GigTown on your smartphone and tell us where and when your event will take place.  Immediately you get a list of all the artists and bands that are available for your event. You can compare prices, listen to their songs, watch their live performance videos and view rating and reviews from their previous gigs.

And if you are a musician you can sign up for free. Go to and create your artists profile. Set your hourly rate, download GigTown’s free app and start getting booked for gigs around your home town.

GigTown local music lives here.

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