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Voice Over Script for FileExpert Explainer Video

We use our phone to store almost everything today like photographs, videos, music, games, documents, files, e books, apps. But trying to find something when you need it, can be like looking for a needle in a hash tag, not with FileExpert.

FileExpert is best file manager app on android, that help you locate your files quickly and easily. It does so by organizing them in to different predefined categaries like gallery, video, music, e books, documents, apps, plug in, apk files, zip files, and favorites.

You can also excess these files from start page itself, whether they are arranged folder wise under three category namely phone SD card, external SD card, phone internal storage or create your own tag for quicker access.

With FileExpert, you can cut, copy, paste, create, delete, short, rename, and do much much more, like transfer file to another devices using Bluetooth,WIFI or NFC.

You can also access cloud service like google drive, drop box,, sky drive, and G cloud. That’s why, the ultimate app for managing files.

Go to google play store, download today.


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