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So you’ve chosen your degree, but deciding which modules to study is specific gamble over 60% of students which they have chosen differently. When you choose a television, there is much more information to go on including independent reviews. Wouldn’t it be great if people reviewed their course modules in the same way?

Welcome to student hut, the UK’s largest collection of course module reviews. Get the inside picture from former students. See what they thought of the content, the teaching, the resources, the support, the assessments, and most importantly see if they enjoyed the course because if you enjoy your course, you will also get better results.

Student Hut also help you jobs from casual work to full time grad schemes and brings you the best discounts and freebies on everything from eating out to fashion and gadgets along with the best articles advice and funny stories from this student world.

It’s Uni life covered under one roof, jump in and read or write reviews on your modules.

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