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Meet Ryan, on a recent skating trip, Ryan had an unfortunate running with a tree unconscious when rescue personnel arrived. Ryan could provide her medical history because being diabetic any drugs rescue personnel gabber could have a deadly reaction with Ryan’s existing medications.

However rescue personnel called spells who provided Ryan’s complete medical history which saved her life but how Ryan uses healthRIO which lets her share all important medical information with any one she chooses.

Now meet doctor Patel, Ryan’s doctor for the past 30 years. He needs the medical records from Ryan’s recent skating accident because this data is with rescue personnel in other testing facilities, doctor Patel must formally request access. This time consuming process may take up to a week.

Again only healthRIO has a solution because Ryan can share this data with doctor Patel seamlessly before her next visit. With healthRIO doctor Patel can upload and access Ryan’s medical files including Xrays MRI scans and test reports.

So Ryan’s next visit, all her medical information is integrated with doctor Patel and she can track for numerical updates, prescriptions and future treatment plans hassle free. Doctor Patel can also network with other doctor on the portal and refer Ryan quickly to a specialist for a second opinion.

HealthRio offers more than just the ability to track single person medical data at home. Ryan loves being able to access all her family’s medical history instantly and book an appointment with doctors online. Yeah it’s kinda register kids to school.

Here immunization records are at her fingertips and we don’t let you forget about the four-legged family member even.

We invite you to help us change the way we look at health care today. So next time, you need medical help or need easy practice management, sign up for healthRIO and the platform will take care of the rest.


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