Ridgulouslabs Animated Explainer Video


Voice Over Script for RidgulousLabs Animated Explainer Video

Do you love your dog?

Are you being a good pet parent?

Are you giving your dog daycare it deserves by exercising enough, feeding right and giving love and attention?

Do you worry about your dog’s health and activity while you plugging away at work?

Are you wondering about what your dog is getting up?

Is it starting trouble playing with cat or being lazy and just sleeping all day?

What about daycare? Is it really getting that long lot that they tell you?

Don’t you just wish could spend more time with your dog and make sure that you are being the best pet parent that you can be? Well.

I can’t change the hours in the day but I can bring you closer to your pet than you have ever been before with ground breaking new smart collar from Ridgulous labs.

With this collar we are finally bring your dogs in to the modern connected world and it’s all about time. Kinda like giving them their own smartphones.

This collar allows our dogs to keep us up to date on their daily activities like where they venture out with GPS tracking how often they run back and forth chasing squirrels, how long they stand at the door barking at passing bicycles, when they had their tinkle, how many calories they burned the day or what they think about sister’s new haircut.

Okay. May be not that last one but seriously all the other stuff and more with supercool buzz words like GPS bluetooth 4.0 and accelerometers connected to a gamefied app with an algorithm that automatically recognizes, records and awards points for performing your daily doggie duties.

You are creating a brand new world the whole family pet care, where questions are answered; mysteries are solved and human become doggy heroes.

RidgulousLabs is creating this collar in smartphones app combination because we believe in making technology work for us, not the other way around. We are building a platform that will create a new window into our best friend’s world.

We have great vision and are super excited to make it happen but we need your help.

First, need your feedback to let us know for we are on right track.

Second, we need your financial contribution so we can finish the development and get the sexy devices in to your hands asap.

Third, need your brains because we are not the only ones with ideas and we want to make this a bona fide platform that will launch a multitude of other products. I mean look at how many apps we created. Just upload pictures to the internet. Why not spend some of the time creating an app that will change the way we understand, communicate and play with their best friends. So that’s our story and we hope you like it.

Though it’s just the beginning and we need you to help us finish the script.

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