Oracle BI Cloud Service Promo video


Voice Over Script for Oracle BI Cloud Service Promo video

Your business is changing and you need answers, now.

Do you cross your fingers and hope that they are in your current reports or spend hours combining data and hope everything lines up.

You need an easy, visual way to explore your data. See, you can see what’s going on.

Oracle BI cloud service put power of your data at your finger tips.

To get started, just clicked uploads Data and drag and drop to see what’s going on to your key customer segment or search you don’t see what you are looking for.

As you drilled into your data intelligent highlighting keeps your insights and context helping to guide you to see patterns in the data and understand what’s important. When you have gone as far as your file can take you, you can easily combine it with gold standard corporate data to get a deeper view.

BI cloud service stores your information in Oracle database cloud service, the world’s leading database in the cloud that means you can reuse existing oracle data integrations and analytic applications seamlessly. It also means you can extend your analysis with advanced analytics and predictive models for sophisticated insight that are easy visual.

Oracle BI cloud service means you have the flexibility to analyze any data anytime anywhere, when you need fast answers, you can trust. Now you have a solution, Oracle Business Intelligence cloud service one platform that gets you in to it insight together with world class analytics.

Easy, agile and affordable, all in the clouds.

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