Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Video


Voice Over Script for Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Video

Most of us fear death.

But for the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel, death is a saint. They embrace her, praise her, and worship her.

They kill thousands without repercussions.

Trafficking poison across South America, corroding governments.

How do you fight an enemy that does not fear death?

Maybe you hunt them from the clouds.

In position, they are loading up the cocaine.

Cocaine is on the move.

Targets are pulling out!

Target down, dropped them.

Or you fight from the shadows.

Attack when they least expect.

Pick them apart.

Leave no evidence behind.

Two hostiles, nine o’clock, all right, we are clear.

Careful now, white hat is inside.

C4 in place.

We are clear, area secured.

White hat secured, let’s go!

Or you can unleash chaos.

Strike from everyside,

Confuse them.

Destroy everything.

Decide who lives and who dies.

Drone in position.

Cocain’s ours, let’s go!

Hey, don’t waste a bullet. White hat is a dead man walking.

How do you fight an enemy that does not fear death?

You manipulate them from the inside until the monsters wipe each other out.

So … what’s our next target?

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