Just Cause 3 Demo Video


Voice Over script for Just Cause 3 Demo Video

Hi everyone, I am Roland Lesterlin, the Game Director for Just Cause 3 and wewlcome to the beautiful Mediterranean island chain of Medici.

As Rico Rodrigues, you will explore all 400 square miles of this vast open world. Right now, let’s just jump straight in to free fall towards the town of Alba.

To give you taste of just how open ended the physics and the systems in our game are, we wanted to create this interactive presentation. So at various point today, we will be asking you to make a choice about how to approach different situations in the game.

At Avalanche studios, we love building huge sandbox worlds and everything you see here on the screen, you can travel to.

The hills, the mountains, the beaches, you name it, what you see, you can go straight to it.

The story behind Medici is that it has been held under the brutal control of the director general Di Ravello and as you can see, his domineering presence can be felt throughout all the towns and villages.

Inspiring a revolution to free the people is no simple task for any ordinary citizen but Rico is no ordinary person. With his unique tools of destruction and large arsenal of weaponry, it’s entirely up to you on how you want to free the people.

It can all start with toppling one of the classic symbols of General Di Ravello’s rule. So for your first choice, how do you want to tear this statue down?


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