Hitman Gameplay Trailer Video


Voice Over Script for HITMAN Gameplay Trailer Video

There is a world beyond yours, beyond nations, justice. It never sleep, it exists everywhere and once you entered, there is no going back.

You are agent forty seven, the world’s premier assassination, you can get anyone anywhere on the globe. No target is safe. To the public we turn over corp is well known guy, in reality he is one of the ringleaders in ne’matto expiring called IAGO. They deals in secret that unseat government and get people killed and they are about to compromise covert operatives in major European country.

We turn over corp must be an imminent. The essence of a sandbox game like hit man his freedom of approach where you go, how you infiltrate, who you become, knowing which this guy give you access key but be aware some individuals are more observant than others. Be prepared to improvise.

As you experiment with your playstyle, each head can go from bloody murder to a genuine masterpiece of assassination. Complete mastery of a level is rewarded.

As your skills evolved over time so your options. Prepare your equipments in advance and plan the perfect hit. New locations will appear overtime. He will travel the world, new missions, new targets.

And when you think you’re ready to be a contender, contact the mood has evolved within the deepest most expensive hit man sandboxes yet. Mark your own targets and share them with friends. Challenge the world of assassination.

Welcome to a world of assassination, it is ever expanding ever dangerous. It will never stop challenging you.

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