9 great game demo videos

Ever since computers revolutionized our world, the industry of computer games has been evolving and growing at a very rapid pace and has even managed to weather the economic turmoil that have afflicted most of the world economy time and again. The gaming industry has been on a steady rise for the better part of last half a century and crossed net worldwide revenue of over 80 billion USD in the year that just passed. With more and more people joining the technological mainstream, thanks to the relatively easier access to smart phones and personal computers, it seems that future of the gaming industry is as bright as bright can be. That being said, with growth also comes the inherent complexity and the gaming industry is certainly no exception there. There’s a multitude of gaming platforms, from gaming consoles to smartphones, and a plethora of marketing channels to market them, from app stores to gaming convention. However, online marketing continues to be the cornerstone of any marketing strategy these days and as far as the gaming industry is concerned, game demo videos are fast becoming one of the favored marketing tools for game developers across the globe. Game Demo video is an important way for Game developers and publishers to catch the necessary eyeballs they need to launch their games into the market. To the viewer, they offer an insight into what they’re about to get their hands on. It is important to clarify the distinction here between a game demo video and a game demo. Where the demo video works more like a teaser or a promo video, the game demo is actually a less loaded version of the game itself which user can partake in, although the game advancement is usually limited up to a certain point. A game demo video usually features a few minutes of the actual gameplay.  Such demos might also be distributed through the Internet or with magazines as trailers for an upcoming game, or featured at retail stores (often among playable demos).

Let’s take a look at some of the best game demo videos out there and find out what makes them so good.

Watch Dogs Gameplay

Watch Dogs takes the idea of Open world action-adventure third-person shooter stealth video game to another level. The graphics used are as surreal as one could possible expected in this day and age when the lines between reality and virtual reality has been getting increasingly blur. The demo video does a great job of bringing the user into that reality. Specially the opening sequence of the video with all the radio chatter and cacophony in the background and the deep voiceover adds the elements of intrigue and mystique to the entire video. It’s gripping right from the get go.  The rest of the video is a full-blown action sequence that does a perfect job of giving the viewer a glimpse into all the features of the game. For a moment you might even think you’re watching an actual live action movie. Yes, the graphics are that good and the characters are as believable as can be. The last few years have been very good for Ubisoft and they’ve been able to create a giant foothold in the gaming industry, thanks to their previous successes such as “far cry” and “Assassin’s Creed” and this one certainly made that foothold much larger and even stronger, and the demo video clearly shows why that is.

MAD MAX Game Demo Video

After the grand success of the recently released dystopian action film of the same name, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the game was a big hit with the audiences. What’s more interesting is that even if you’re totally unaware of any of mad max’s past exploits, it would be hard to resist the temptation of playing this game after you’ve seen the demo video. Although the format of the video is slightly different from “watch dogs,” in that you get to hear what’s like a live commentary of the game reviewers who are actually playing the game. This is something that you may find annoying or intriguing depending on your personal sensibilities. However, as far as the demo video is concerned, it does a brilliant job of giving the viewer a certain pretext of the story and also giving a good look at some of the features of the game play. It’s a bit lengthy, but fun to watch nevertheless and there’s hardly a dull moment in the entire demo gameplay.

Need For Speed Game Play Video

The Need for Speed franchise definitely seems to have come of age. Most of us have grown with it through our early years and have nostalgic memories associated with it. What’s always delightful to see is how the EA guys are always pushing the envelope and trying to take NFS to the next level. After all it’s not an easy job to keep launching a new version of the same game every other year with a predetermined format and yet be able to surprise and intrigue the users and keep their loyalty intact. Especially since there’s so many similar racing games now available in the market. The demo video does a great job of teasing the gamer in you. The opening sequence in the garage is simply brilliant. It is very hard to make out the animation from the real imagery, which only adds to the realism and makes the whole thing even more interesting. Every element is well designed and well designated and before you know, you’re screeching down the streets of an imaginary city, cutting through corners and reeling over the edges. Could there have been better way to give the viewer a glimpse into what’s in store for them? Probably, but we hardly think so. See it for yourself.

HITMAN Game Demo Video

Hitman can be credited with single handedly upping the panache factor as far as the realm of action-adventure stealth mode video games are concerned. After all, how often do you find a full-length motion picture based on the same theme as a video game? Not quite often, in fact it’s only happened on a handful of occasions. But that’s not all, the game series has since expanded into a novel, “Hitman: Enemy Within” written by William C. Dietz. The demo video exhibits brilliantly why the Hitman franchise has managed to captivate gamers across the globe for all these years and continues to do so even today. The video gives the viewer a sort of pretext to the whole story and sets the plot for what’s about to follow, giving glimpses into the real times action sequences from the gameplay and also a look into the features that get unlocked as the viewer progresses through various levels of the gameplay.  In the end, you’re only left wanting for more, which is what videos like these should hope to achieve anyway.

Just Cause 3

This demo video for the latest release in the Just Cause franchise is wonderfully crafted to set the plot and the theme in the viewers’ head. Most of the new features are well explained and even demonstrated through the sequences of the actual gameplay.  What’s kind of missing here is the surprise element. But then again, there’s a reason why this demo video still stands out as one of the best out there, and the reason is the wonderful vantage that the viewer gets of the entire stage where the drama unfolds. The narrative may not be the most inspiring but the graphics are most certainly top notch. The overall presentation of the entire game thanks to the breathtaking visuals and a brilliant audio work is very impactful and as a viewer you find yourself wanting to jump right in the middle of all the action packed drama and be the hero of the story. That’s good work.

INSIDE Game Play Video

We loved Playdead’s last venture at making a demo video for their previous release Limbo, and we love this one, and more or less for similar reasons too. The absence of any narration or voice over only adds to the element of mystique and the background score coupled with the perennial sound of footsteps in perpetual motion makes the whole thing extremely haunting. Which in this case is a good, in fact it’s not just good, it’s great. The sequences of the gameplay that are depicted in the demo video may seem randomly selected but are actually very deliberately picked and placed to accentuate this feeling of haunting desolation. Which has come about to be a trademark of Playdead Games. As a gamer if you’re watching this demo video, you feel a dark attraction towards this game just as a person on diet might feel towards chocolate or a pair of jelly doughnuts. You just can’t wait to get your hands on them, and that feeling itself is evidence enough that this happens to be yet another fantastic promo video from Paydead.

The Division Game Demo Video

This demo video takes you straight to a dystopian future where New York city, along with the rest of the U.S. has decended into utter chaos and anarchy and authority is wielded through iron fists and gun powder. Notwithstanding the overused plot, the set up is pretty exciting and the attention to every detail, even the most minutes ones is easily apparent. It may very well be one of the most exciting open world tactical third person shooter games to hit the market in the recent times.  The characters struggle to restore order in the city and find out the sources of the virus that has caused this massive scale deterioration of the social fabric. What most interesting to observe in the demo video is the interaction between the characters of the division and how they coordinate with each other.  It makes the actions exponentially more exciting and engaging. Ubisoft has done a great job of making this demo video with a quick run through the subway and a fast paced action sequence from the gameplay. Just enough to reel the viewer into the dark world of the Division.

Ghost Recon – Wildlands


This, without a doubt is one of the best game demo videos out there. And in case you’re wondering whether that’s a tall claim to make, let us assure you that we came to that there are some solid grounds on which me make such a claim. The reason why we like this demo video so much is because it not only has on display some of the most exciting action sequences from the gameplay, it also has the cinematic elements of a bull blown live action movie. The thrill, the excitement, the intrigue, it’s all there. It’s not a randomly put together clippings of the gameplay. This type of a demo video takes some real fine editing and great sound work. And the graphics..the more we say, the more we feel needs to be said. It’s just fantastic. The only downside to this demo video could be how bad it makes some of the other ones look. Even some that are not actually bad. Of course the publishers of the game aren’t complaining. The Ghost Recon franchise has been around for quite sometime, and looking at this demo video, it seems that they’re here to stay, at least for the forseeable future.

FOR HONOR Game Play Video

Set your guns aside, swords are back in business!! This demo video for Ubisoft’s soon to be released non-fantasy hack and slash video game is so gripping that it’s hard just to take your eyes off of the screen.  The camera shows the whole action sequence through a continuous circular motion while the setting where the action takes places keeps changing. The action is brutal and incredibly fast paced with brilliant sound effects and stunning visuals. The camera work is commendable and deserves a special mention, and even though there is no voice over or narration, as a viewer you never quite feel the need for one. The video in itself is self explanatory and does well to set the stage for what to expect from the game as a viewer.
Bonus Videos
If that was not enough, you can also find these awesome game demo videos.
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All of these demo videos for video games are remarkable in their own right and are a fine example of what an ideal game demo video should consist. It should grab the viewers’ attention by the hand, metaphorically speaking, and takes them on a journey that they can’t wait to be a part of. If one can curate that feeling in the viewers’ hearts, then they should know that they did a great job. In future we shall continue to bring to you more of such awe inspiring videos, from all fields under the sun, for now we hope you enjoyed watching these game demo videos, and request you to share your comments with us and tell you what you think about them.


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