What is Chainy?


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Finding the right creative people for your project is always a challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Meet Emey a talented fashion designer who recently got a chance to publish work in fashion magazine.

She had a limited amount of time to pin down a fashion photographer, a model and a makeup artist for the photoshoot. Asking for contacts among her friends and searching online brought no result until she discovered Chainy.

Chainy makes it easy to find creative people from different fields. Credence shows what they are good at by adding skills and uploading examples of their work. Using Chainy, they can look for other creatives they need by setting up opportunities that’s exactly what Emey did. She simply created opportunities with the skills she was looking for and provided a short description.

Chainy instantly notified the creatives with those skills and the responses came flooding in. Emey can handpick her favorite from the people who applied. It turned out to be a great project for everyone. Once the photoshoot was finished, they rated each other and provided feedback and what’s more. Chainy notified Emey about relevant opportunities in her own field.

Joining Chainy.

To make it work for you, create your free Chainy profile and start taking advantages of opportunities, today.

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