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Voice Over Script for ZuluTrade Promo Video

So, what is ZuluTrade?

Want to trade Forex?

Want to bet that the Euro will go stronger than the Dollar?

Not easy!

This is something that only professionals can do.

Jim is a professional trader one of the thousands available on ZuluTrade.

He shares all his trades on Zulutrade.com and you can follow them.

Let’s say that Jim trades with $100,000 and buys a $1,000 bet on the Euro / US dollar.

If you are trading with $1,000, you will buy a $10 bet on the Euro / US dollar.

It’s always proportional!

Also, to trade successfully, you have to be awake 24/7.

Forex is a 24 hours game.

Thanks to ZuluTrade, you can sleep in Mumbai while your account is busy following Jim in New York city.

Zulu Trade is a cross-platform application. You can monitor your account from an iphone, android, ipad or a PC.

Jim’s trades sometimes profit but sometimes they don’t.

ZuluTrade has a gorgeous feature that will monitor and detect when and if Jim will start to perform differently than previously. Zulu Guard is here to protect you for the first time in online trading.

All these great features and more are available to you today.

Create a free account on zulutrade.com

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