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There’s something about cartoons and animated characters that captures our imagination like no other medium. It connects to a much deeper level and stimulstes our sensibilities often lying dormant within our brains. Perhaps it is associated with our childhood memories when literally everything seemed possible, or maybe it’s the subtle humour that comes through exaggeration, both of the characters and their situations, which is beautifully presented through cartoons and animation. Whatever the case may be, the marketeers of the world have surely taken a note of this overriding power of great animation that gets us completely hooked and engaged. Also the fact that it takes far fewer resources in terms of time, money and people involved, to create a fantastic promo video through the use of great animation, than it would to actually make a live action one, means that we see more and more such promotional videos taking up the advertising space compared to a few years earlier. Animated promo videos are now increasingly being used, not just by startups and relatively smaller brands for marketing purposes, but also by giant multinationals that have all the resources in the world at their disposal. So no, it may have been once, but cartoons are not just for kids, not anymore. Ask any South Park or Family Guy fan and they’ll tell you.

This is why decided to dig in and find some of these fantastic promo video’s that use animation as their primary tool. After all, we can all use a little inspiration every now and then; can’t we? So let’s take a look.

Vertical Response


This promo video for Vertical Response is a fine example of a standard animated and cartoonised promo video. The animation used is simple yet relevant and aesthetically pleasing to the senses. The most important thing however, is the fact that it does a perfect job of explaining the entire functionality of Verticle Response Viz-a-Viz the end user. It does so by creating and sustaining a perfect sync between the narrative and the visuals throughout the length of the video. Not only is the viewer kept engaged at all times, they’re also being informed exactly of how Vertical Response can help them grow their business by -simply presenting a story that almost everybody can easily relate to.

Make no mistake, sometimes quaint and simple is the most effective strategy. Specially so, when you’re trying to get your message across to a large section of the society.

The best thing about a promo video such as this one still, is the fact that it can be put together with minimal resources and time at one’s disposal.

Zulu Trade


There was a time when words like stock and forex trading were almost uneartly to the common middle class man and forex trading was only for the rich and market specialists. The last decade and a half has changed that, to the extent that almost anybody with a certain amount of disposable income has started to look at stock and forex trading as a viable method of wealth creation despite the inherent risks involved.

Zulu Trade is an endavour in the direction of democratization of forex trading. It is a platform where anybody can start investing in forex trading simply by creating an account and following the market experts who also happen to trade through the same platform. The promo video does a perfect job of explaining how all that works out for someone who might be considered an outsider to the trading business.

The use of animation is smooth and crisp, which keeps the viewers glued to their screens even if forex trading isn’t exactly on their immediate agenda. This is always a desirable quality in a cartoon promo video, to attract and engage people who may or may not be concerned with product or service in question.



This cartoon promo video for Chainy is another fine example of how to brilliantly place a product or a service in an easily relatable story. The makers of this promo video use the example of a fictitious character of ‘Amy’ who needs to find people with specific creative skills for her photographic project and after doing quite a good deal of running around ends up at Chainy where she finds the people she was looking for. Not only does Chainy help her connect and collaborate with these people, but also help them review each others’ work which them works much like a reference for each of them. The entire story is brilliantly conveyed by the use of invigorating animation and voice over.



This promo video is a fine example of how to convey an idea only through animated visuals without actually saying anything. As you must have noticed, there’s no voice over in the video to explain what exactly is going on, but the animation is engaging enough to get you hooked. The animation is simple but beautifully crafted to reel the viewer in. It’s fun to watch and simply enjoyable through and through. The idea is pretty much self explanatory, the fact that you can remotely buy someone a drink from the comfort of your computer/mobile screens is fascinating to begin with. Perhaps that is why the voice over was deemed unnecessary and the entire focus was layed on making a fun to watch video that does the talking for itself. The use of brilliant sound effects only adds to the quality and the effectiveness of the cartoon promo video.

It is worth mentioning that it takes a great deal of creativity to put together a video such as this, and people often find it rather convenient to take the beaten track. But tried and tested is not necessarily always the best way to go, and this promo video is a perfect example of that.

Google Ways of a Warrant


This animated video from google use a combination of stop motion animation and claymation techniques to create an explainer video that explains how Google protects its user data and dispenses only the information that is warranted by law during phases of any criminal investigation. The entire animation is beautifully crafted and serves to explains the nitty gritties of a complex process. In other words, there’s absolutely nothing random or haphazard. Every single element and character in the video is deliberate and serves a specific purpose in explaining the story. The fantastic voice over also compliments the narration and drives home the idea that Google constantly strives to honor the confidentiality agreement between itself and its end users.

There’s no doubt in our mind that there could have been a million other ways to convey this idea, but this particular method is most certainly is one of the best ones.

It’s crafty, it’s engaging and it’s stimulating. What else can you expect of a great cartoon explainer video?

Oracle Cloud


As more and more IT firms shift their business model to SAAS, data security remains to be the top concern for the end users and businesses across the globe that subscribe to these services.

This promo video for Oracle Cloud tries to address those very concerns by depicting how Oracle uses multi layered security checks and a unified security framework to manage all its client data, which in turn helps to avoid the intermingling of all user data on a single server.

The video uses a great analogy of sharing your hand at the poker to depict how the intermingling of user data is not the best way of handling it. This helps the viewer in identifying the gaping security hole in the entire SAAS model and how Oracle is perfectly positioned to fill in that hole. The animation is simple yet extremely intelligent and that’s what makes this video so great. The deliberate use of each and every element within the video to convey a single idea. The idea that sets Oracle Cloud apart from other such cloud based operations.


This cartoon promo video for is another example of an animated video that is simplistic in its approach towards the elements and yet at the same time also does manage to hold the viewers’ attention throughout the length of the video. The viewer may or may not have any interest in playing online poker, but that hardly affects the effectiveness of the promo video in keeping the viewer engaged through a brilliant use of colors and motion techniques. The voice over does a great job of complimenting the animated visuals.

The reason why we keep listing such videos on our website is that they can be a great reference point for anyone who’s starting their professional careers as animators and for those who’re looking for ideas to market their own business through the use of an animated promo video. This is due to the fact that these kinds of videos are often required by startups and small businesses for marketing purposes, which can be a great opportunity for amateur animators.



This promo video is a great example of a cartoon promo video disguised as a cartoon explainer. The video does it by pitching the traditional marketing and business strategy against the new online marketing methods. It portrays how the old school method of doing business is just not enough anymore. Specially if someone wishes to see their business grow rapidly year on year.

The video does a perfect job of explaining a complex idea such as Online Markerting and its workings within less than 3 minutes. The reason why the video is able to do this is because it explains this idea through a simple story. There’s nothing quite new about that. Throughout history humans have always had an appetite towards stories. It just helps us make a sense of the chaos we find all around us. So whenever you have to explain a concept that requires critical thinking and counterintuitive point of views, it’s best for that concept to be explained through a story wrapped around it. A story that most folks could easily relate to. It’s an important lesson in the animation industry.



This Kit Kat Cartoon Commercial is simply a gem of a promo video; for several reasons. First of all the basics, the animation is brilliant and absolutely engaging. The sound editing and foley art is immaculate and perfect to the tee. But while all that does make the video fantastic, what makes it even better is the use of the characters and their motions and expressions. Everything is so vivid and believable that we almost forget that it’s animation at all. This is the beauty to great animation, is to make it the viewers’ alternate reality. At least for the length of the animation itself.

Of course the central idea in the video is that of taking a break now and then, which is what the product brand associates itself with. But the way the entire story is woven around that central premise is beautiful and something most of us can easily connect to. For all these reasons this video is certainly one of our favorite cartoon promo videos.

Coca Cola


This Coke Commercial exemplifies how creative use of cartoons can help in adding to the brand value of a product or service. We all pretty much know how a vending machine works, but to fill the inside of a vending machine with an entire nation of animated characters all striving and working to get you your bottle of coke is a brilliant idea. That’s because in the end it goes to make the end user feel valued. This is subtlety at its best.

Having said that, there’s a lot that goes into creating a cartoon promo video such as the one above. The story boarding needs to be extremely tight and all elements have to be perfectly designed and placed at various stages of the story. There’s hardly any margin for error. That’s why it requires all parties involved in the creative process to be perfectly in sync with each other. The sound effect has to compliment the animation and vice versa. This promo video for Coke certainly manages to nail it well.



We love this promo video for supermarker chain Sainbury’s. For the simple fact that the video is not trying to tell us anything about Sainsburry at all, instead it shows us two talking potatoes one of which is distressed over having spent a night in the refrigerator  with other veggies and is sore as a result, while the other one tries to give some console and tell it it can always go under the knife. There’s something funny about that. Hillarious even. The point is, they’re trying to tell the viewers that potatoes are best stored in cool and dark places and not in the refrigerator. A common mistake that a lot of people make. But the way this idea has been conveyed is what makes this video so great. The conversation between two potatoes is a hilarious idea to begin with, on the top of that, the serious undertone of the conversation makes it even more funny. The crafty and minimal animation used is absolutely fantastic and only adds to the element of humor and subtlety.



This animated promo video is created by an Indian production house for a financial advisory company. We love this video for its clean and beautiful graphics. The video is quite engaging and tells the functions of a financial advisory company in interesting way.

Bonus Videos

If these videos were not enough, you can also find these cartoon promo videos:

Oracle Customer to Cloud, Gradeleap Explainer Video and ResQ Rangers Mobile App.

Every one of these videos have something very special about them that works like a charm. Keeps the viewer engaged and invested into what’s going on the screen. Makes them want to get to the next moment and next scene, but also want to linger and enjoy what’s on the screen at the moment. These are the things that make for a great cartoon promo video and we hope that everybody that watches them can draw some inspiration from them. Also checkout our featured collection of app promo videos.

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