What If? Visually Promo Video


Voice Over Script for What If? Visually Promo Video

Every good story is created from two words – What If?

These are the words that lead to the seemingly impossible venture.

The great invention, the big idea, the new way of doing something, they are the words of dreamers, explorers, achievers and revolutionaries.

What If?

What if you could completely change the way you work?

What if you didn’t need an office or agency or even a full time creative staff?

What if you can have best people in the world work on the brand but only when you need them?

That means no overhead cost, no big salaries, and no office politics, just great strategic thinking and ideas, great creativity and great content.

What if all of your TV, digital ad campaign, info graphics, and social media were handled by people you work with online. Brand developers, creative directors, animators, scriptwriters and journalists who’ve been specially selected to work on your projects

Can you imagine what a difference that would make your bottom line?

If you want to write your own success story begin with words – what If and then act on it.

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