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The book hasn’t changed very much in past five hundred years.

Someone writes a book, someone publishes it.

And you buy it, and carry it around until you’re done reading it.

Then if you’re book lover, you repeat this process for lots, and lots, and lots of books.

But in the past ten years, a very big change has happened.

Books have gone digital.

Today there are all kinds of ebook standards, each with own dedicated e-reader and their specific place to buy ebooks.

And all lacking one thing; choice.

The idea behind Google ebooks is to truly set your reading free from all these limitations.

Google ebooks stores your library safely in the digital cloud. Which means you get to shop for all your favorite books wherever you want and read them wherever you go using pretty much using any device with an internet connection.

Let’s say you wake up one morning and decide to read “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

You might begin the story at home on your laptop, over coffee and a pastry.

You would really be getting hooked on your tablet on the train to work.

And by noon, you will be racing through the chapters on your smartphone when you head out to grab some lunch.

Now, imagine if you are carrying around not just one book, but a lot of books.

Like, may be a couple million of them.

With Google ebooks, syncing all your books with your devices is not just simple.

It’s automatic.

You can take a break in the park with some Stevenson.

Reference your favorite French cookbook at the supermarket.

Get lost with Grisham on your crosstown bus trip.

Whenever you open one of your books, we will pick up right where you left off.

With millions of books to choose from, in every imaginable category, finding what you want to read on Google ebook is easy.

You can check out the New York Times bestseller list, browse the Google ebook store and find recommended titles or free ebooks, discover up and coming authors, or buy ebook from a growing number of independent bookseller and retail partners.

Google ebooks is all about choice, from what you want to read, where you want to shop, to how you want to read.

That’s all your books in one place.

No matter where you go.

That’s truly reading unbound.

Start exploring Google ebooks at

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