Google Apps Explainer Video

Voice Over Script for Google Apps Explainer Video

When you have a great idea and need to work with others to bring it live, how do you do it? Some time it is tough because the people you work with are in different places with different schedules using different devices.
Google apps let you bring ideas to life with others. Here’s how.

Start with email that offers more. Gmail does more than send and receive emails. It connects people and lets you chat instantly while viewing a snapshot of your team’s relevant activities and access to everything, they share with you.

With Google docs, there is one version for everyone to work on. Share easily with the right people without email attachment or compatibility hassles. And work together on the same docs at the same time in way that simply make sense. Edit and interact easily with integrated social commenting.

Google calendar make it easy to share schedules and find times to meet and schedule or update meeting with a few clicks.

Everyone can’t be in the same place at same time but Google apps lets you work together from any place. With multi way video chat, you feel like you all are in same room, while screen sharing and integration with Google docs, lets you work with more people from anywhere on any device even on your mobile phone or tablet.

Work with any team at anytime from any place on any device.

Google apps, work in future, today.

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