What is 5G? – Promo Video


Voice Over Script for What is 5G? – Promo Video

Mobile has grown in to word’s biggest technology platform. Fundamentally changing the world with each new generation and now we are planning the fifth generation. In parallel we continue to push 4G LTE to its full potential, but 5G needs to go further.

Much more than faster data rate, 5G enables new services.

Connect new industries and empower new experiences.

5G will connect much more than your Smartphone, connecting towards homes, vehicles, robots, industries, cities virtually everything. And to connect these billion of things 5G must scale down in cost and power or scale up in performance to deliver mobile broadband. It’s not only faster, but also more uniform.

5G also connect new ways to empower new awareness services. And deliver new level of reliability and latency for mission critical services.

These extreme variations require a network scalable and adaptable enough to support it all and that require an entirely new kind of network to connect billion of things and provide instead experiences. We need to bring content, connectivity and computing close to people and machines.

In this user centered approach, devices become integral parts of network, not just endpoint anymore. They will discover and communicate directly and even really data beyond the range of cell towers.

For being truly edge less connectivity, we also need to unify air interface, scalable across all services and spectrum bands including higher bands like meter waves provide a uniform platform to meet our expending connectivity needs in the next decade. Not only skilling on a classical dimensions but also broader dimensions and even business dimensions.

And it must fully leverage today’s investments with the common core network that also support 4G and wifi access and simultaneous connectivity. That’s our vision 5G.

The scalability to connect everything from simple sensors to complex robots and a user centered design where the devices are no longer just endpoints.

Forming a unified across all spectrums and platforms!

5G, not just a new generation, but a new kind of network!

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