Ultimate Software Promo Video


This promo video strikes directly where it matters most; at the heart of the viewers. It does that by putting the spotlight on the people Ultimate Software supposedly serves. A diverse set of people from pretty much all walks of life, which are all, connected by one common denominator. How the company touches all of their lives in different ways with the help of the technology they bring in. It’s a brilliant way of creating a brand image and a lasting impression of the company in the viewer’s brain. Even if the viewer himself is not directly associated in any way with the firm, he/she knows it’s a part of their lives and the firm has probably served them either directly or in an indirect manner at some point.

The true litmus test of a great promo video has always been whether it can inspire a sense of awe in the minds of the viewer, and this video certainly passes that litmus test. It’s for this reason that we featured it in the list of our top picks for Promo videos for SaaS firms. Watch them here.

Voice Over Script for Ultimate Software Promo Video

They are the builders.

The inventors.

The heroes and the teachers.

Those with blue collars,

And those with white,

These are your employees.

They define your business.

Your people and business,

Stand behind them, put them first.

Ultimate software.

People First.

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