Promo Video for Workday


This is simply a brilliant promo video by all standards. It’s the result of the combination of great creativity and great production value. The impeccable use of VFX keeps throwing surprises at the viewers at all times, thereby keeping them absolutely engaged and at the edge of their seats. The touch of humor only adds to the effectiveness of the promo video. In the end no one likes the idea of job cuts and layoffs. That being said they seems to be an increasingly common reality in todays’ competition driven free market economies, where efficiency is the key to long-term sustenance.

The promo video does a perfect job of not only explaining that problem but also presenting itself as the solution to that problem. Which is why we already figured it in the list of our picks for top promo videos for SaaS based firms.

Voice Over Script for Promo Video for Workday

You downsized, streamlined, simplified, dropped the dead weight, cut and cut, and cut.

But now what left to cut, what if you cut financial and HR systems that only show you how to cut.

And got one system that shows you how to grow.

A cloud based system that helps your entire organization.

Identify untapped talents, seamlessly open new markets and find where to invest.

Workday, built for the future.


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