Promo Video for Salesforce


This promo video for Salesforce is one of our favorites for its unique style of promoting its brand. It appeals to a very different kind of sensibility in the viewer compared to what they’re used to getting from a promo video. The sound bites of the top brass of the firm who all seem to be encouraging the supposed employees of the firm to put the customer at the center of all their activities and a special emphasis has been laid on connecting to the customers directly. This works to make the user feel valuable and special, which is something viewers’ always enjoy feeling, even as a potential customer. This is why we listed it amongst our top picks for promo videos for SaaS based firms. Find them here.

Voice Over Script for Promo Video for Salesforce

We are in the midst of a customer revolution. You gotta move fast and you gotta be bold. The pace of change has increased significantly. This change is not gonna stop.

You have to,

You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand.

Thank you for helping us gives back more even ever.

Thank you for inspiring sixteen years of innovation.

And we always thank you for making us, who we are today.

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