MailChimp Promo Video


This wonderful promo video for mail chimp is a great example of how an explainer video should be constructed, always with the key focus on users and their individual needs and requirements.

It’s interesting how the voiceover and the imagery work hand in hand towards creating the perfect sense of understanding of what exactly Mailchimp has to offer.

And how it fits the bill for almost anybody who might need to use email newsletter for running his or her business. Aesthetically, it’s just a brilliant promo video to watch.

And for that reason we already featured it in the list of our top picks for SaaS based promo videos. Watch more such videos here.

Voice Over Script for MailChimp Promo Video

A lot of people use MailChimp for email marketing, different kinds of people marketing execs, consultants, artists, musicians, in fact with almost half a million people signed up as MailChimp customers, we figure they are almost half a million different kinds of people using it.

Companies and big brands don’t use web applications, people do. So we made sure to design it so that works for everybody.

MailChimp is a do it yourself tool and we think the people who want to use our product are the ones who get things done.

We made MailChimp easy to use because we know not everybody is a designer or programmer but everybody wants to make emails that make them look like they are. There are users know that it’s not just the way an email looks that matters. It’s providing their subscribers have content that appeals to them.

MailChimp users see their subscribers as people not just list of email addresses and they like to know them. That’s why we introduced faces and social pro so that mailChimp looks and feels more like the social networks that connects you with.

We also made MailChimp go where you go because work happens everywhere. You never know when you are going to meet someone make a connection, or have to report to the boss. In so many different people use MailChimp, we figured we need to provide a support staff that performs to the same high standards as everything else we make.

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