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This promo video is a good example of how an energetic, animated and passion filled voice over can do wonders to a promo video. Not only is the voice over impactful, but the deliberate use of subtle humor only adds to its effectiveness: Think, “Rocket Surgeon,” and “Brain Scientist.” The use of simple yet precise animation ensures that the voiceover makes perfect sense and the viewer is kept engaged at all times.

In many ways this is a formula promo video as it uses the conventional tried and tested methodology of creating promo videos. Having said that, it is go great at executing that methodology that it can serve as a fine benchmark for creating a budget promo video. This kind of promo video can be created with minimal budgets, provided the right creative people are involved. We listed this video in our featured post about Promo videos for SaaS based operations. Also checkout our collection of 12 great app promo videos.

Voice Over Script For Hub Spot Promo Video

Marketing is used to be easy.

You spend a lot of cash on advertising, cold calls, trade shows and direct mails and watch the lead form.

The world wide inner web is transforming having sharpened by. And outsources way block messages, you try to get through.

So, Yeah!

The whole marketing thing is not doing job anymore. Today’s it’s all about getting customer’s attention through inbound marketing which means blogging, tweeting, social media zing,  seo optimizing and bunch of other new things of strategies. These all are new methods and tactics, and all disconnected from each other. So you get this site for one thing, that site for another. You need this platform for that thing, and that program for other thing. And another fifty different things to do in fifty different places. And it seems like figuring all stuff out takes the rocket surgeon or brain scientist. Person expend 80 hours in a week to do it all.

So what you do, you know since you are not a rocket surgeon. The market scientists of Hubspot understands how daunt this brave new market can be. So they did something about it. What they created, way to make your marketing way more powerful and well easier.

Hubspot took every part of best inbound marketing methods and consolidated them in one spot giving you a centralized, easy to use, unbelievably power for marketing hub.

Get it.


So you can blog, tweet, optimize, capture lead, basically everything all in one place.

You can optimize keyword content on blog post, check visitors and user engagement, analyze social media feed, do email marketing and lead nurturing and view repot that actually measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

No more blogging here, seo optimizing there or all are wondering how you do it all. With Hubspot, all your marketing is in one spot. With tons of training and advises on your fingertips.


Hunspot is that marketing secret weapon, you been waiting for. So, make your marketing easier and more effective with Hubspot all in one marketing system.

Sign up for free trial, today.

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