What ISO Standards Do For You – Explainer Video


Voice Over Script for What ISO Standards Do For You – Explainer Video

We live in amazing world, for incredible opportunity and endless possibilities. But, it can also be complex and overwhelming place when things don’t work they should, it often means standards are absent. But when ISO standards are applied, life is just so much richer.

ISO standards help to make world the safer, cleaner and more efficient place. From food safety to computers, from health care to new technologies, there are many challenges facing our environment, economy, and society.

ISO can make a positive difference to all our life. Utilizing a wealth of international experience and wisdom.

In today’s ever changing world, ISO standards help create growth. Open up global market; make trade fairer, including for developing countries.

ISO standard can help tackle global challenges like climate change, road safety, energy and social responsibility.

ISO standards touch almost everything we do, keep us connected and entertained, making us more productive, more creative, sharing ideas, promoting innovation and keeping us safe and healthy.

ISO is world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards. With over 18000 standards for nearly every aspect of technology and business.

For over 60 years, a network of standards bodies in 163 countries, working in partnership around the world and right here at home.

ISO builds confidence, for today, for tomorrow and for the future.

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