Promo Video for Oracle Personalized Cloud Platform


Voice Over Script for Promo Video for Oracle Personalized Cloud Platform

People personalize everything, even it work. Built in personalized processes, tailored dash boards and your brand.

This all helps improve your business that’s if you have a modern cloud. But every cloud provider offers a personalized modern cloud.



Beware of first generation old cloud providers; their one cloud fits all design is limited.

It might look pretty in a demo. But watch out for the skeletons in the close it.

Want to bring your cloud and on premise pieces together, first gen cloud providers say “let’s look in to that”.

And good luck quickly extending your cloud app for creating new app, quickly. Developers need 25% more time under strict cost limitation imposed by one cloud feature design. For priority languages are expensive and slow. Few people know and they increase cost for your business.

Let’s stop the nightmare before it begins.

Your business deserves a personalized cloud with modern SAAS apps, you can tailor at no extra cost.

All are one stable standard base platform that offer unlimited options to personalize your cloud and remain upgrades safe.


With the most privilege service on the planet to keep innovating, fast. Personalize your cloud with Oracle. One modern cloud platform for your whole business with premier horse power for future.

Personalize your cloud.

Tailor within Oracle SaaS applications.

Enrich with Oracle Cloud Platform.


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