Google Wallet Promo Video


Voice Over Script for Google Wallet Promo Video

This is your wallet. It tells a story.

What you buy?

Whom you love?

What you keep close?

But what if your wallet was engineered rather than sewn?

What if you were struck by a better idea?

What if your wallet was a Google wallet?

You would start with your cards, Credit, Debit, Visa, Master card, American Express and discover.

All stored securely in the clouds. All your cards are together in a virtual wallet that goes anywhere.

Use it on your phone and tap to pay for a double shot macchiato at your favorite cafe. Or taxi ride to the club. Or gummy bears at the theater.

And when you go online, your wallet goes with you. So it’s easier than ever to order everything, you need for your next vacation.

And that new song from your favorite band is just single click away.

Whether you are shopping in store or online, Google wallet keeps all your payment info safe and secure.

It’s everything you love all in one wallet.

What possibilities will it open for you?

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