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As you walk, your eyes process terabytes of information about the world around you. Your subconscious is constantly scanning for recognizable objects and locations to give context and help you to navigate. But if you close your eyes for a moment, you can only walk up for few steps before your brain loses its context and forces you to stop.  That’s the world, your Smartphone lives every day. It’s a powerful computer but it’s completely blind.

Last year, we introduce Estimote beacons to solve just that. There are small sensors can be placed anywhere to provide context and micro locations to any smart device.

Now, we are introducing Estimote stickers, tiny beacons with built in accelerometers and temperature sensors.

You can stick them to any of your favorite objects nearby. We call them nearbles. Using stickers and our rich SDK, you can build a new generation of amazing context aware app.

For example if you stick one to your bike, your phone can automatically track your routes, record where you left it and even detect motion if someone moves it or how about the app can turn on your alarm clock only when you need it.

You have 9 AM meeting on your calendar and thanks to sticker, your phone knows that your context is still the bedroom and since traffic is backed up. It wakes you up a few minutes early.

What about when customer picks up something they are interesting in. Because the sticker can sense motion, they can be presented with relevant information about color option and similar products or specials. Then at the end of the day, a store owner can see what product the customers are interacting most and use that info to fine tune promotion and sales or make adjustments to store layout.

The potential applications are endless. Even, something is simple as an app that lets you know, when you forget your bag when you leave a coffee shop.

Join thousands of developers worldwide and builds your own apps for nearbles. Order your sticker development, today.

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