Explainer Video for LinkedIn Safety Center

Voice Over Script for LinkedIn Safety Center Explainer Video

Your life is exciting. It’s always changing. There are endless possibilities. Your future is wide open. You could become professional anything. You could be the next big thing or be inspired to build next big thing.

The story of your professional life is just beginning and LinkedIn is here to help you write it. You can use Linkedin to meet the people who can help give you your start.

Here the best ways to do that.

Be yourself.

LinkedIn is for real people who care about their future like you, No fake name, and no false profile.

Be professional.

What you have to say on LinkedIn reflects who you are and where you are going. Think them as building for the professional chapters of your life. So, take a minute before you hit share.

Be Respectful.

LinkedIn can help you build network of people who will help you become professional you want to be. So put your best portfolio.

Last but not least, speak up. We have adjusted our default setting to give you some extra protection. But if you see someone is not behaving appropriately or sending you abusive messages, tell us. We are just not okay with that.

Keep dreaming about the next big thing, you want to become and start connecting with people on LinkedIn who can help you realize those dreams.

Your career starts here.

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