Oracle Database Cloud Backup Service Explainer Video

Voice Over Script for Oracle Database Cloud Backup Service Explainer Video

Today’s technology is more advanced than ever before but it’s not perfect. I’d heard other companies who suffered when disaster struck their data, and I figured “Why take the risk?” It is proven costly and complex to write our backup to tape and ship them outside. Plus, I didn’t want to think about the downtime we would face.

Should we actually need to access them?

I knew there had to be a better way. So I deployed Oracle database backup service. A secure, Scalable, On-demand storage solution for backing up my Oracle databases to the cloud.

I was expecting a few late night after implementation, learning how to use the system. But one of the first thing I noticed how smooth the transition was.

I didn’t have to invest time and effort; I have expected to get up the speed. I just subscribed, installed one module on database side, configure few settings and I was ready to backup, all using familiar commands and tools. And the solution ease of use does not end there.

Now it’s simple to store my backup offsite. In case, I need to recover my database and to duplicate database using backups.

What’s more, I can rest safe in knowledge that my data is protected by end to end enterprise great encryption, compression and three way mirroring on every write.

No upfront CAPEX and unlimited database backups might sound too good to be true.

But, like I said, today’s technology is more advanced than ever before. So what about you achieve using Oracle database backup service.

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