8 Best SaaS Promo Videos

The old adage “Change is the only Constant,” holds true in no other arena as it does in the field of technology.  Over the course of the past decade, the IT industry has been rapidly moving towards SaaS. Software as a service or SaaS as it is more commonly referred to, is a distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, which is typically the Internet.

It’s a new way of distributing software in which vendors or service providers, instead of selling the software to their user base, make it available over the web, using the cloud computing technology.

The fact of the matter is, if you don’t think that the world is moving to SaaS, you’re living in the wrong decade. A case in point would be the fact that there’s hardly been an on-premises software company funded since 2007.

What this means is that more and more players are joining the SaaS brigade and abandoning their previous business models in favor of the new one.

This had led to the creation of a highly competitive environment where it is increasingly important to promote your business through the right medium and in a way that can create a lasting impact on the minds of the target group.

The effectiveness and strength of videos in promoting businesses and ideas is beyond any contention or doubt, as they have been in the past and continue to remain today, one of the primary tools of marketing.

That being said, the world of SaaS promo videos is in a pretty lackluster and insipid state overall.

It is still a rarity to come across a SaaS promotional video that is engaging enough, showcases the company’s’ character, and more importantly, conveys how the new technology has benefited not just the direct user/client base, but pretty much everybody who has a stake in the technology.

Which is why we decided to dig in and find some of the best videos out there, which can truly be looked upon as benchmarks, as far as SaaS is concerned.

Let’s take a look:

GoToMeeting: SaaS Promo Video

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This beauty of this promo video can be attributed to the simplicity of its central idea, which is that inspirations can happen anytime and almost anywhere. And when they do, one shouldn’t be held from collaborating with those that matter, because of the physical constraints of life. In other words, you don’t need to be at the office to meet and work with your colleagues and share your ideas with them.

This idea has been conveyed in the video in a very elegant fashion. Click here to watch this video.

Aesthetically, the video gets pretty much everything right. The imagery, the soulful background score, immaculate editing; everything is top notch.

Notice that there is not much else that the video is trying to say. No bombarding the viewer with redundant data or numbers they couldn’t care less about.

The thing never to forget is, humans are emotional beings, and no great video, promotional or otherwise can be considered great unless it touches the emotional nerve of the viewer in some way.

HUBSpot: SaaS Promo Video

Click to watch this video.Angry Sciencist


Most promo videos with voice over tend to be a tad boring, not necessarily because of the voice over itself, although that’s certainly a contributing factor many of the times, but because the voice over is used to compensate for week screenplay, or storyboarding. This happens due to the fact that often times the voiceover distracts the viewer from the imagery, or is somehow not in sync with what you see. This is because there is really no alternative to good writing or storyboarding; in general and more specifically in the case of promotional videos. 

This is exactly where this promo video for HubSpot shines. The use of animation is clever and of superior quality. Top that with artful voiceover which is absolutely in sync with the animation and complements the visuals at each and every moment, and what you’re left with is a promo video which is fundamentally sound and does the perfect job of creating brand equity. Just as in the previous example, this promo video also uses a very powerful emotion to connect to its audiences. What’s that? Good old humor.

The most remarkable thing about such a promo video is that something like this purely relies of great talent in terms of storyboarding, the voiceover script and the overall execution, as opposed to sky-high production budgets.

MailChimp: SaaS Promo Video

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MailChimp Promo Video

The one thing that stands out about this promo video the most is how the entire focus of the video is the different types of people who might use the web-based application. Their personalities, their individual needs and how mail chimp fits well within that collective frame through a common link, their need to connect to their own user base by the common way of interacting through email newsletters. In the age when emails are rapidly being replaced by instant messages and social media feeds as a way for companies, organizations and businesses to communicate with their target group, mail chimp introduces style and elegance to the whole business of sending email newsletters.

Everything that this promo video needed to convey is conveyed subtly without taking the focus away from the users even for a moment. Also, the voiceover in the video is done with great flair and dexterity. Click here to watch this video.

Xero: SaaS Promo Video

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Smiling lady

We recently featured this promo video on our website as a fine example of a promo video that is designed for engaging the audiences, and for a good reason. The fantastic qualities of this promo video are more than obvious, but there is more to it than meets the eye. What the video is trying to sell is nothing outlandish. Personalized web-based accounting applications have been around for quite sometime now and pretty much everyone has heard about them or at least have some knowledge of how they’re supposed to work. What this video does is carefully curates different business situations where the software fits in to provide just the kind of accounting solution that a business operator/owner might need.

All the characters in the video and every expression of their faces are well crafted and curated to convey just one simple message, ‘If it works for them, it could work for you as well.’ By the end of it, they make you believe in that message. This is always a sign of a great promo video, when you’re motivated not just by what you’re told, but also by your own internal thought process, and the promo video does a fine job of invoking that thought process.

Salesforce: Saas Promo Video

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Considered amongst the pioneers of the SaaS industry, Salesforce have established themselves as a force to reckon with, when it comes to providing Customer relationship management solutions. The same pioneering spirit is also reflected in this promo video.

It’s more than just noticeable that the promo video hardly seems to talk about what it is that they exactly do and how they do it. Instead the video focuses on sound bites of motivational speeches from the company’s top brass who all seem to be emphasizing on one thing: Connecting to the customers. How it’s the people that drive the businesses and not vice versa. The video is trying to depict their focus on treating people as individuals with hopes, dreams and aspirations, and not merely assigning a numerical attribute to them. This really does say a lot about the company’s central philosophy and their work ethics. It shouldn’t be hard to imagine the kind of goodwill and brand value a promo video like this must have created for Salesforce. Click here to watch this video.

Workday: Saas Promo Video

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This is probably one of the funniest depictions of an extremely harsh and often sad reality of businesses around the world today. The global economic gloom and an overemphasis on improving efficiency had led to a situation where words like job cuts and downsizing are more common than ever before. Whereas earlier you’d only hear these words during times of a major scale economic turmoil, such as a major recession or a global financial crisis, they’re increasingly becoming common as a regular exercise within a company’s’ profile, aimed towards meeting the challenges of a globalized economy and a stiffer than ever competition.

What this video does beautifully is not just depict this efficiency conundrum in a humorous way, but also projects how Workday can provide the perfect middle road to these firms, of streamlining their businesses and improving their efficiency sans the sad faces, without letting go of the funny bone and the creativity.

It is worth mentioning though that a promo video such as this takes a winning combination of remarkable creativity backed by a more than decent production budget. Watch this video here.

Athenahealth: SaaS Promo Video

Click here to watch this videoDoctors


Athenahealth is one of the top players in the SaaS industry throughout the world despite the fact that its principal market is only the U.S. Interestingly enough they’ve achieved this stature within a very short span of time. But what’s even more interesting is that you will never find them bragging about any of this in any of their promotional videos. Their fundamental philosophy is simple; technology should make it simpler for people to communicate.

SO many of the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have created their massive global footprints based on the same idea. Using the technology to connect people and have them communicate with each other. Athenahealth used the same idea and applied it in the field of healthcare. They figured people could only benefit from having the doctors talk to each other and communicate with each other directly regardless of their locations and field of specialization. This 60 seconds promo video does a perfect job of conveying that ideology. And it does so with a pinch of humor, which is always appreciated from the point of view of the viewer. After all, who doesn’t like a good laugh?

Ultimate Software: SaaS Promo Video

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The reason why this promo video finds a spot on our list is purely because of its aesthetic finesse and emotional appeal. Cause let’s face it; those aren’t exactly the kind of qualities you’d expect from a software firm.

But then again, there’s probably a reason why they call themselves ‘Ultimate Software.’

They claim that they design software for people and not for machines. This promo video does a perfect job of conveying that central philosophy that drives this software firm; their emphasis on people, their eccentricities and their individualities. Watch thise video here.

The people and the faces you see, all seem familiar. People you cross your paths with on a regular basis. People who make your lives just a little bit easier. It goes a long way in creating the kind of emotional connect and goodwill that creates brand value.

Bonus Videos

If that was not enough, you can also find these best software promo videos:

Litmus Email PreviewsBig Data in the Financial Services Industry and Oracle Integrated Cloud.
We seriously hope that in the days to come, we’ll be seeing more and more of such videos that don’t just serve their commercial purpose, but can also be looked upon as a source of inspiration for promo videos and beyond.

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