Cloo Mobile App Promo Video


In the times when sharing everything is the latest trend, someone realized that we could all benefit from sharing the loo even, and who are we to question them. The reason why this promo video stands out is because it not only uses the voice over narration to explain the idea behind the app and also the functionality, it also uses a near perfect placement of situations and places to convey the deep sense of urgency when someone might need to find a washroom in the urban tussle. The sound edit is brilliant as well. That’s why having already listed this app promo video amongst one of our favorites in a detailed post, we still can’t get enough of it.

Voice Over Script for Cloo Mobile App Promo Video

It’s simple human truth, we all have the pee. In urban cities, finding a clean and available restroom is difficult and frustrating.

That’s why Cloo comes in. Cloo is community of registered users who choose to share their bathrooms and make city living easier by earning a small profit.

In your time of need, open Cloo to search for available nearby restrooms. Using your social media connections, Cloo shows what friend you have common with the host. Adding a dimensional security you comfort. So, like the host you liking and send a request. The host receives a push notification letting them know you requested access to their loo. You notify when host has approved. It’s Time for payment token in to the host account. Afterwards, rating for each party.

Suddenly, the city is filled with clean and accessible restrooms for your use.

There is no time for community to step in.

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