Mobile App Promo Video for Clear for iPhone


Sometimes the tried and the tested is the best way to go. That’s certainly what the creators of this mobile app promo video seem to think. And we have to say that at least in their case, it works. Part of the reason behind it is the fact that Clear is a simple app that let’s you create a ‘to-do list’ and work with it as your move along with your day. The idea isn’t anything out of the box, but the video does a brilliant job of explaining the entire functionality of the app without overburdening the viewer with excessive information, which might be hard for them to retain. The simple coffee house setting and pleasant surroundings, all help connect with the viewer. This kind of a video can be created with minimal resources without compromising on the effectiveness. Which why the video was able to find a spot in our list of 12 great app promo videos we published a while back.

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